An interview with authors, Remmy Duchene & Michael Mandrake, about their HOT new, M/M Romance Novel, Love at the Right Tempo

Welcome, Remmy & Michael! Your new M/M romance novel, Love at the Right Tempo, about a classical violinist and an ex-military man with a tangled past sounds very intriguing. I love complicated characters!

What would you like readers to know about your book?

Remmy:  Hrm—well, aside from the usual (interracial, erotic) this story has a different feel to it than anything I’ve ever written. I think it’s a story about two men trying to find themselves and each other.

Michael: For me, it is different. I’m so used to writing about spies and law figures. Writing a violinist was relatively easy as opposed to the others. *grins* Because of it being a different story entirely, I had to make it more emotional this time around. I believe Freddy and V work nicely together. Their bond is stronger than any couple I’ve done recently.

What was it like to write the story? Did you face any difficulties/challenges?

Remmy:  Well, the characters themselves have been through a lot before they were even on the page. We’ve had to recalibrate this story a few times to get it right. But that’s a part of writing—Michael and I are in different countries and with different time zones and day jobs, well, let’s just say it took some doing.

Michael: It did, but I believe it turned out wonderfully. Once we got started, the words seemed to flow on the page. As Remmy said, there were a couple of rough spots where the characters hit a patch, but for the most part, it was a smooth process.

What do you love about your story, and why?

Remmy:  I love the simplistic complication of it. I know, that doesn’t sound like it’s a thing but it should be. The story is straightforward, but the end result is what we all search for.

Michael: Other than what Remmy said, the total opposites. I enjoy writing two people who are so different from one another and make it work. That’s what happened here.

What have you learned from the main characters in your story?

Remmy:  From Vaughan, I learn that no matter how damaged you think you are—there is always something or someone out there that can mend your heart. From Freddy—well, eat at least two balanced meal a day and never call an ex-soldier’s bluff (grins).

Michael: *laughs* There is that about Freddy. I learned from Freddy to not allow yourself to get so wrapped up in trying to please others that you lose yourself. I think he tried that with his mother as well as his best friend. From V, yes I learned what Remmy pointed out as well as not thinking you can’t be forgiven. You can.

Do you write in other genres and if so, what are they? What genres would you like to try that you haven’t already?

Remmy:  So far, I’ve only written contemporary interracial. I don’t think I’ll ever not write interracial—well I did once and it was fun but not a regular thing. I have written a kind of paranormal with my Shivers Series. I’d like to do more of that and one day perhaps test out the Thriller genre. I would LOVE to write a regency MM piece. I’ve been toying around with that idea for a few years now.

Michael: I write contemporary, but also paranormal. I love vampires and demons. I’m writing a series now with those aspects. I also have some MM historical on the brain I’d like to tackle.

What or who influences your writing?

Remmy:  Writers – Nora Roberts, Jayne Anne Krentz, Catherine Coulter – I know they aren’t MM writers but I grew up on. Catherine’s Legacy series and her Song Series gives me LIFE!  They instilled a love of the romance genre in me.

Michael: Writers – Anne Rice and in our genre I adore LA Witt, Mercy Celeste, Mary Calmes, Sue Brown, Damon Suede, and Rick Reed. They are the tops in my book. Sue Brown’s Morning Report series is my favorite along with Hot Head by Damon Suede.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Remmy:  Wow—loaded question –music, movies, people walking down the street, my niece, the lake, Toronto…

Michael: Music, my family, and friends. I live in a diverse neighborhood. If something in the news interests me, I might weave it into a story.

Who are your author idols and if you met them what would you say to them?

Remmy:   Like I said before, Catherine Coulter. Aside from fangirling super hard? Well, I’d thank her for doing what she loved to show me that I could one day do what I loved. I would also thank her for saving me—I went through some stuff when I was younger and getting lost with Roland was the perfect get-a-way.

Michael: I met one of my author idols in this genre. That was Sue Brown. I was so awestruck.  However, the biggest thrill would be Anne Rice. After recovering from loss of consciousness, I’d ask about the world she weaved for the vampire books, I’m very aware that New Orleans inspired her, but I’d like to know more.

If you had to choose your three favorite books by other authors, what would they be and why?

Remmy:  Hidden Needs by Havan Fellows. Archer and Dalton are life.  Memories of the Heart by Felice Stevens – This story had me giggling from the very first chapter.  The Wyndam Legacy by Catherine Coulter. This book was the first period piece I’d ever read and it has always had a place in my heart.

Michael: I mentioned Morning Report by Sue Brown because Luke and Simon are the quintessential gay couple. Their story was beyond amazing. I’ve re-read the series several times. Hot Head by Damon Suede was such an amazing book. So well-written, in depth with relatable characters with real problems. I also love books about firefighters. And I have pick Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste. She is amazingly talented and what I adore about Mercy is she will take risks no matter what. It’s why I always enjoy her books.

Do you have any interests outside of writing, and if so, what are they?

Remmy:  Food, Photography, acting (trying to get back into it), wandering around Toronto, music and music culture (I listen to a lot of music the cool kids would never admit to listening to), my family.

Michael: I love music. I go to concerts a lot during the year. I have children so of course I love spending time with my youngest who is nine. My oldest is 19 so I rarely see him, but when I do, we talk about goals. My husband and I watch sports together and we enjoy the same music so we’ll take time to listen to things.

What is your next literary project?

Remmy:  Um…on my own, I am working on a story titled ALL OF YOU for a Kindle World release in January. I am also gearing up for edits on my nano story ANYWHERE BUT HERE coming soon to Evernight Publishing. I’m also heavily researching ancient Japan for a story I’ve been toying around with for the better part of a year and a series that I’m developing right now that’s a spin off another series I just starting. So, it’s pretty busy inside my brain.

Michael: Right now, I’m working on my third story for another publisher as well as my self-published series, Immortals. The first book, Demon Be Mine is out. The second book, Immortality’s Gift is in edits, and now I’m about to start the third.

Thinking about only yourself, what is important to you in life?

Remmy:  Family and love. And family doesn’t necessarily have to be people who have the same DNA as you. Family is anyone who accepts you and welcomes you and loves you. Love—not always sexual love but people who you can count on to make you laugh until you cry.

Michael: Definitely the same things Remmy mentioned. Family pulls you up by your bootstraps when you need it most. My husband has been my rock through many ups and downs. We have an almost perfect relationship. *grins* My kids constantly amaze me with how smart they are and my mother is a fighter. She’s beat cancer three times and is still chugging along. And, of course my friends. My BFF’s have been with me through thick and thin. I couldn’t be more grateful for them.


Violinist Frederick Tremblay is one of the biggest names in classical music. When it comes to work, he’s all in.  There is only time for music and working to make his dreams come through but none for love. Hell, he barely makes time to eat. When he agrees to play at an acquaintance son’s birthday party he figured he’d go in, make his rounds then go home—but his plans change when he walks into the path of Vaughan Singleton.

Vaughan “Sin” Singleton is the disowned heir to a candy empire. After he came out, his life basically ended and he had to start over from scratch. Joining the military was the thing to save him and also the one thing that brought him to his knees. Forced to retire, slinging alcohol wasn’t his dream but he needs something to pay the bills and to assist with easing back into civilian life. When he meets Frederick, Vaughan isn’t looking for love, but one unguarded moment changes everything


“Way to step out, man.” Deena giggled.

Frederick ignored her comment and put up his free hand. There was a man behind the bar, but he had his back turned and right now, no one else was there working with him. He looked to be busy drying glasses or perhaps washing. Though Frederick didn’t want to disturb him, he really wanted something else to quench his thirst.

“I’m sorry, excuse me, sir.”

The man turned around and approached them. “What can I get you?”

Frederick eyed the mature gentleman in front of him, taking in his features. Dark brown eyes, hair cut low with a beard and well trimmed mustache. His lips were thick. Kissable. Frederick loved a man with distinct features.

“Oh … um… I’d like a soda. Perhaps a 7-Up or Sprite if you have it.” Frederick continued staring, clutching his violin case tightly in his hands.

Deena seemed to pick up that he was tongue tied. “And I’ll have a beer. Heineken if you have it?”

“Heineken for the lady and a—um—soda for the gentleman,” the bartender said. There was a slightly hitch in the way he said soda, almost as if in disbelief. He then focused his attention on Deena. “Would you like the bottle or a glass?”

“The bottle is fine. I’m a simple kind of gal.” She giggled.

Frederick smiled at the man, still holding onto his violin as if it were a life raft. He wondered why the bartender seemed put off by his request. “Something funny about 7-Up or Sprite?”

The bartender eyed him with his head tilted slightly to the side. “Oh nothing.” He spoke, his lips forming over the two words making them escape his being easily. “Nothing at all.” Without another word, he walked over for a clean glass that sparkled. They had the word Prince’s with a crown on the side in golden letters. Using large hands, the bar man operated the tap to expertly fill the glass with Sprite before grabbing a green bottle of Heineken from a cooler and prying off the cap. When he returned he set the glass before Frederick without a word but offered Deena a smile with her drink. “Ma’am?”

“Thanks.” Deena batted her eyelashes at him.


Frederick suppressed a growl and eyed his glass, watching the bartender walk away again. For some reason, it bothered him that the guy appeared to be bothered by his choice of beverage. “I don’t drink alcohol, by the way. I’m sort of boring. The fact I play violin is the most interesting thing about me.” Frederick set Gabriel beside him in a vacant chair. He lifted the glass to his lips and swallowed slowly, still gazing at the handsome gentleman working the bar.

Deena nearly spat out her beer, and she nudged him with her elbow.

“To each their own,” the bartender said. “Did anyone let Stuart know you’re here?”

Frederick finished his Sprite, still gawking at the man. “Yes, the hostess did. I suppose she’ll be back shortly. Do you mind if I ask your name?” Frederick thought he’d go for broke even though it was quite possible he’d be barking up the wrong tree. A part of him said he wasn’t, or perhaps he hoped that to be true.

Deena gasped next to him, seemingly in surprise.

The bartender moved to stand directly across from Frederick, braced his elbows into the bar and leaned in. “If you wish to tell my boss I’ve been an ass to you,” he said, his voice warm and rough. “You don’t need my name for that. All you have to do is tell him the black guy at the bar. I’m the only one here.”

Frederick shivered at the sound of the man’s voice and how he leaned in so close to him. Instead of shying away as he usually did, he decided to play the game. “Actually, I wasn’t thinking that at all. More like, I wanted to know your name so I know the lovely man that is taking such good care of us tonight and, maybe might like to have a drink with me after my performance?” Frederick knew he was going for broke. Gazing at the bartender, Frederick had every intention on finding out something about him, even if it was the disappointing news he’d dread.

“I see.” The barman licked his lips. “I’m working. Drinking on the job is strictly prohibited, and besides—you’re not a fan of alcohol.”

Frederick sighed inwardly. He looked to Deena for help, but she only kept drinking her beverage.

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