Welcome to Laura M. Baird with her new Contemporary Military Romance release of The Soldier’s Final Mission

The Soldier’s Final Mission

Welcome Laura. All authors have their own reasons for writing a book. What are yours?

In the grand scheme, I just love letting my imagination free. I write to live adventures I might not otherwise experience. For each book, it varies. With this one, my military romance, both my husband and I served in the U. S. Army, and I wanted to write my version of experiences (not mine personally) 😉 To make people aware of not only what a soldier may go through, but their loved ones as well. And I just love gritty love!

What would you like readers to take away from your story? Does it contain a message? 

My message in this story is sacrifice and finding your way back to love. Bob, my soldier thought he was saving Becca from heartache, knowing he’d be gone more often than not, and wanted her to have a happy life. But their connection, their passion brought them back together, no matter what they went through separately. Maybe they had to experience those heartaches in order to know what they truly wanted.

Where did you find your inspiration for the story? Was it a person, a current event, something you witnessed, or something else?

My inspiration was my experience in the military, and VERY loosely based on a friend and fellow serviceman. 

How much emphasis do you put on supporting characters to move the plot of your stories along? Have any of your supporting characters ever gotten their own story?

With my writing as a whole, supporting characters can be just as important as the main characters. They add more depth and realism to the story. And yes, I’m developing several series in which initial supporting characters get their own story. I love series, because as a reader myself, if the story and characters are engaging and wonderful, I want to keep coming back to them (never wanting the stories to end).

Do you write in other genres and if so, what are they? What genres would you like to try that you haven’t already?

I write mostly romance, with sub-genres of contemporary, suspense, comedy, mild paranormal, erotic. But I like to think most of my stories have a bit of all. 😉 I’ve written and have published poetry, prose and short stories. I enjoy that, as well as challenging myself with different styles. I haven’t devoted much time lately to anything other than romance. I have a non-fiction story in the works that doesn’t really fall into the romance genre that I hope to have published one day. It’s a multi-generational read simply about life and making the most of it, no matter your age.

What is your writing process? Are you a pantser or a plotter, or a little of both?

I think I’m a combination. Some story ideas start with a clear picture of characters and plot, and I write a linear story. Other times, I have only a glimpse of a character or an idea, and just wing it! With my debut romance, I thought I had an idea of what I wanted to write, of where the story was going, but turns out I deleted nearly the entire story and went a completely different route. And obviously it worked, because I got it published! One story could be written in a hundred different ways, yet still not please everyone, so I write what pleases me; what I’m proud of.

Do you have any author idols and if so, how would you like to meet them?

Oh, so many… I was fortunate to meet several authors either at a writer’s conference or appearances. To name a few: Rebecca Zanetti, Darynda Jones, Damon Suede, Beverly Jenkins, Elizabeth Hunter, Rachel Grant, Roxanne St. Claire,.. and it was wonderful. And there are many more I’d love to meet, such as the romance queen, Nora Roberts; Laura Kaye, Donna Grant, Toni Anderson, and of course all my Evernight peeps! I could spend days naming them all and fantasizing about get-togethers. Just being with other creatives really gets me motivated! I’d enjoy a writing retreat; a relaxed atmosphere of collaboration and fun.

What do you do in your down time to feed your soul?

Read, naturally! My TBR pile is huge. I also try to stay active with walking and workouts. I’m not much of a TV watcher, but hubby and I love hockey, drag racing, and college football. Still, when the TV is on, I’m usually doing other things while checking in on the score. I rarely just sit and devote my time to an entire program. (Too much to do.)

What’s next on your literary horizon?

My hope is to continue writing engaging, sexy romance that will reach plenty of readers and be enjoyed. I’d love to be able to say I can quit my day job (as a dental hygienist) and do nothing but write! Hopefully soon.

What is important in your life and why?

Always family! Hubby and I have so much fun together, after twenty-nine years, and I only want it to continue to get better. And our sons make us so proud. Hard to believe I’ll have the status of grandma in a few months! I’m so looking forward to loving on my grandson and seeing my son walk that path of parenthood.


When Special Forces Soldier, Bob meets Becca at his cousin’s weekend party, they share one night of explosive passion. But when Bob’s called away on mission after mission, he wants Becca to have a life instead of waiting on him, and tells her to move on. Shocked and hurt, she does, moving to San Diego to eventually marry and have a son, only to divorce shortly after.

Six years later, when a mission incident nearly ends Bob’s life, he reflects on what could have been, never having forgotten the woman who loved him. Bob realizes he’ll do whatever it takes to have Becca back in his life—if she can see past his scars and mistakes.


Bob got within five feet of Becca before she turned to face him. It gave him enough time to see that the tattoo on her neck looked like the symbol for female, only it had a partial U on top of the circle. He’d later learn that it’s the symbol for Mercury—the winged foot god. Shielding the sun with her hand, her green eyes crinkled at the corners when she smiled broadly at him.

“Hey, Bob.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Tessa must’ve warned you about me.” He shifted the beers to one hand in order to remove his sunglasses.

Her light laughter caused a stirring in his chest. And elsewhere.

“No, no warnin’s. She praises you. Glad you made it.”

“Me too. Care for a beer?” He held out one of the bottles.

“Thanks,” she answered while taking his offering.

As she drank, Bob took in every detail. Her delicate fingers wrapping around the bottle, her lips puckering at the opening. She closed her eyes as she tipped her head back slightly, throat pulsing as she swallowed the liquid. Those few seconds were all he needed to see the goose bumps rising on her arms, her nipples pebbling beneath the fabric of her bikini. She lowered her arm and Bob jerked his gaze back to her face.

She sighed and smiled. “Not much better than ice cold beer on a hot summer day.”

Bob lifted his beer and agreed before taking a drink of his own.

“Guess you know I’m Becca, Tessa’s roommate.”

“I do. She told me you enjoy running, which I gathered when I saw you. Said you ran track in high school.”

“I did. Loved it. Still do.” She took another drink, this time keeping her eyes on him.

“Tessa said you’ve been unsuccessful in getting her to join you for your morning runs.”

She grinned while gesturing with the bottle in his direction. “True so far, but I’m not givin’ up.”

“Plan on running tomorrow morning?”


“Mind if I join you?” Bob took a drink, draining the last of his beer.

“On one condition.”


“I set the pace. I can just see you takin’ off like a rocket, leavin’ me in the dust.”

He smiled. “Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Uh-huh.” She laughed before draining her bottle as well.

“Want another?” Bob asked.

“No, thanks, I’m gonna splash in the water. Care to join me?”

“I’ll just enjoy the view for now, if that’s okay.” His mouth curved in what must have been a mischievous grin, and he enjoyed seeing what looked to be a confident smile grace her tempting mouth.


Bob took the empty beer bottle from Becca before she turned and ran for the water. Damn, what a fine ass! He watched her make it up to her knees before diving underneath an oncoming wave. After a few seconds, she surfaced and started swimming. She made it out to the crest of another wave and bodysurfed back in a bit. Bob remained fixated on Becca as she repeated the cycle about half a dozen times before finally making her way back onto the beach.

Bob watched her slick the water out of her hair, watched the droplets that remained on her skin glisten from the sunlight. He had put his sunglasses back on and was thankful she couldn’t see his predatory stare. He’d better get ahold of himself, or else there’d be no missing the erection that was trying to take shape in his shorts.

God, she was desirable. And as much as he’d love to “hit-it-and-quit-it,” he wasn’t that kind of guy. His job required being called out at a moment’s notice, and he wasn’t about to hook up with someone, only to leave them for who knew how long.

Been there, done that. Didn’t work out so well the first time.


Becca may not have been able to see his eyes, but she knew the hunger was there as his concentration on her never wavered. He held his body rigid, keeping himself in tight control, but she was certain he could spring into action in a matter of seconds. She then noticed a slight shift in his stance, causing her to smile, knowing that his body was reacting to hers. Hers was definitely responding to his as her skin became flush, and not just from the heat of the sun. Her sex clenched and she had to stifle a moan as she thought about all the sinful delights they could offer one another.

Becca had developed a crush on her roommate’s cousin from the first picture she had seen of him. The elation of his first jump. And every one after that. She loved the stories and pictures Tessa would share of Bob. They were as close as brother and sister, each being an only child and having no other family besides their parents.

That had been something Becca couldn’t relate to, as she came from a family of six siblings. She was the baby of the family, and although you usually hear that the baby is, well, babied, that wasn’t the case for her. She’d been mostly on her own, lost in the mix so to speak. She learned to be independent at an early age, and that independence got her into trouble at times. That is, before the encouragement of a certain athletic coach got her on track. Literally.

Becca found strength and freedom in her physical abilities. She could lose herself on a run, feel the power in her body, and enjoy the high brought on by the endorphins. Not much compared to that for her. Not even her few attempts at sex over the years.

But with Bob, she somehow knew it’d be different. She’d dreamt about him. How crazy was that? And when Tessa said that she thought she’d finally convinced him to come out for the weekend, Becca had been ecstatic. She knew about his short-lived relationship with another gal and the child they shared. They never married, but according to Tessa, they were civil toward one another, remaining friends and doing what was best for their little girl. That made Bob all the more admirable in her eyes.

And if she had anything to say or do about it, she’d make herself available to him. She just wanted the chance to see what, if anything, could develop between them.

She was really looking forward to the weekend.

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